Sports eyewear in Staten Island

Sports Eyewear in Staten Island

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Sports eyewear in Staten Island

Dr. Raymond Helfand is a premier provider of sports eyewear in Staten Island. Our sports eyewear is for people who need protective eyewear on the field when they play sports, especially contacts sports such as soccer, basketball and baseball. Our sports eyewear is made from the highest quality materials, so that we can always offer you top-notch care. Sports glasses and sunglasses can come in wraparound versions in order to stay on during activities and also to protect the skin around the eyes.

For over 50 years Dr. Helfand has been serving the Staten Island area with the best in eyewear and eye services for adults and children. We’ve been in this location since 1958. We take both walk ins and appointments. Some of our services include treatment for eye disease, contact lens exams and fittings and pediatric eye care. Also, we provide the best in LASIK eye care for patients. Our sports eyewear in Staten Island is fitted exactly to each patient so that they can be assured that while they’re out on the field, their eyes are protected and their vision clear. We keep costs low and affordable, and accept most insurance and union plans for payment

Many people who work and play outside should use sunglasses with a high UV rating for their activities. Those who ski, play basketball or other contact sports such as football and soccer should wear prescription sunglasses as needed to shield their eyes from the sun. Not only can it be dangerous to be blinded by the sun during play, it can also help players perform better by improving their eyesight in bright conditions. For more information on sports eyewear in Staten Island and more, call us today. We can help you figure out exactly what’s needed to keep your eyes healthy.

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