Eye services in Staten Island

Eye Services in Staten Island

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Eye diseases and infections in Staten Island

Eye services in Staten Island
Eye services in Staten Island

Often, when people think about eye testing, eye tests for getting prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses usually comes to mind. However, eye tests are performed for other reasons like diagnosing eye infections and eye diseases. If you’re having symptoms, you should contact our Eye services in Staten Island office, so you can be evaluated by our eye doctor.

There are many different eye diseases and infections that the doctor at our Eye services in Staten Island office can test for during the eye exam depending on the symptoms you’re having. One of the most common eye infections is conjunctivitis or pink eye. usually presents with symptoms such as redness, crusty discharge, itching and burning. Our eye doctor, Dr. Raymond Helfand would create a treatment plan if you have conjunctivitis. This treatment would vary depending on the case. In many cases, prescription eye drops and/or ointments are prescribed. You’ll be in excellent hands when you come to our practice. We have been successfully treating patients in the area and from out of state for fifty-three years. We are committed to providing our patients the exceptional eyecare services they need and deserve. Our dedication to our patients has earned us generations of loyal patients. Dr. Helfand is a highly qualified, experienced optometrist with a great deal of experience. He and the rest of our team are knowledgeable and friendly. We offer exceptional eye exams and eye care as well as eyecare products at affordable prices. We do everything possible to make our patients’ visits as convenient and as pleasant as possible. We accept numerous insurance plans and have a very convenient office location.

Call us to set up your Eye services in Staten Island appointment today. One of our friendly associates looks forward to your call and would be happy to help you.

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